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When You Feel...

... as if your image is letting you down, this is what 2B-inspired can do for you;


We will personally assess how to support you moving towards a more authentic self image. A place where the stress of figuring out what to wear is taken care of. This needs to be practical, so that you can continue to maintain and polish your image with confidence, no matter what you are going through or have experienced so far. 

Your values and your vision are the foundation for making your personal brand style happen. Your inner confidence need to reflect who you are and what you stand for, not in a self centred way, but in an appropriate and authentic way. This is how you will make a great lasting impression, being remembered for who you are. 

2B-inspired as a business is based in Stroud, Cotswold's, though operate internationally face to face or by means using conference apps and social media platforms.





It's for the professional woman, who's either looking to identify her authentic professional image or become more polished in the way she represents herself. If this is you - You choose how soon you wish to get to a place of rock solid confidence. When you are ready to invest in your personal brand style, Berith will personally assess and inspire you to define and dress accordingly to who you are meant to be. 



This is a different take on personal shopping where the focus is on finding clothes to suit your identity and brand. There will be days when you are in need of a confidence top up. It could be anything from finding out how to accessorise; hearing about the latest trends; adding new fresh items to your wardrobe -  ensuring that you

Polish your image whilst having some focused fun.

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When you feel jaded and lacking in oomph, knowing that your wardrobe is in need of a total revamp, it's time to learn how to update and manage your personal image.
The Shine module will guide you in the right direction whilst finishing off with a handful of safe 'go to' outfits ensuring you feel fresh and in charge again of your personal brand style. It's a tool to reignite confidence in your appearance.

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A lifestyle change has created a challenge when it comes to you feeling confident. Your clothes no longer reflect who you are, nor do they fit correctly, but you know that something has to be done to rebuild your confidence.
Confidence Creator is a back-to-basic program that will coach you how to dress according to your vision and values, ensuring that your personal brand style is aligned with your business'.

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