Think Twice Before You Buy!

I don’t buy many clothes for myself; I never really have. But I do like to dress well and often enough I’m drawn to a quality item that seem to fill a gap in my wardrobe. So, I buy it.

As it is, I don’t need to add anything to my existing wardrobe, or at least that what I think. Plus, the fact that fashion is a main player when it comes to the spiralling downfall to our fragile Eco-system, I am proposing that we think twice before we buy anything new.

So, as from last Sunday and for the next 12 months, I’m taking stock of what I’m wearing and why. As a personal brand stylist this is going to be interesting, after all, I advise women in business on how to shop whilst creating a signature style.

Where do I start? What will I wear?

Items that are now in my bottom drawer will be worn when I need to keep warm.

Underwear has been purchased and will only be updated if and when ...

Every 'indoor' item that I own are hanging in two different wardrobes. The photo shows all of them, squashed together) In 12 months time we will see which ones I love to wear the most.

The wardrobe in my hall contain three coats, two feather filled jackets and one suede biker type jacket. - I will layer up if the winter is severe. How and where do you start? FIVE TOP TIPS: Before you even have the urge to do some shopping, STOP! Open your wardrobe up and start analysing what’s currently there. 1. Are there any duplicate? If so, ask yourself why 2. Is there anything that looks tired and worn out? If so, decide if you are to resuscitate or donate it. 3. Are there any gaps that need filling? If so, ask yourself if it will go with more than one other item from your wardrobe, or if it requires a whole new look 4. Will the gap item be a good investment? If so, add it to your shopping list 5. Finally, take the list with you when you shop - making sure you visit retailers where you have been successful in the past. HOWEVER.

It would be helpful if you truly knew who you are and what type of people you attract in the way you dress. When you are ready and feel that you want to move forward, I recommend that you take the confidence calculator assessment here >> https://www.2b-inspired.com/the-assessment

Followed by booking a style audit >> https://www.2b-inspired.com/book-online/style-audit-1

Doing this will give you an understanding on how to find your authentic signature style – and how to maintain it.

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