When Values Matter

Have you ever had a significant light bulb moment instigated by a painful experience?

Last week I was verbally abused by someone whom I love. Someone who is talented and inspirational in their own right. The attack came from a clear blue sky and shook my foundations. It made me question my own value.

Even though I tried to calm the storm, there was nothing I could do. I knew the accusations were based on feelings rather than fact and I had to make sure I corrected my own feelings from wanting to run away before I faced this person again.

You see, I don’t have the power to still someone else’s storm, but I can be the evidence that I have strength and integrity to be there as an anchor should it be required.

After a couple of sleepless nights going over the poisonous-pen messages in my head, I realised that my values were not aligned with my actual strength. I though they were based on quality, community and excellence. But these are not my core strengths. Yes, I do believe that quality is important, as is community and excellence, however, when it comes to sharing my knowledge and passion, quality, integrity and sustainability are my absolute anchor points.

How do I know these three are mine?

The attacks and abuse shook me but what helped me get out of the landslide was a deep belief knowing that I would never compromise on quality. Nor would I by choice lose my integrity or teach anything else but sustainability.

The moral of this little story is that out of destruction and pain, growth and self-belief grew stronger when I realised that my three values were aligned and founded on who I am.

I know that the possibilities of me encountering bigger trolls are likely, but I pray that one day I will thank this person for making me see that I have integrity; I believe in the power of sustainability, and; the service that I provide is of the highest standards and quality.

It may not be what they want me to be or do, but …

... it’s who I am.

It is me!

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