The Hunt for Live Coral

Doing my research for the coming Seasonal Update in March the other day, I was walking around in search of inspiration. I wanted to find evidence that a new exciting season is about to emerge. There were some lovely items on show but my hunt for this year’s Pantone colour - Live Coral, was no where to be found. Not even close. Live coral is a wonderful hue that suits most complexions, especially when worn during the spring and summer season. However, the only place I saw some evidence was at TK Maxx, where they had some tired looking jumpers and accessories on their rails and shelves, but nothing else.

With my eyes programmed to find this fresh colour, I continued my search, but instead I happened upon a mannequin that was wearing an ochre coloured jacket.

On a closer inspection, the shape was awful! The evidence was clear to be seen at the back of the garment. Trying to make it reasonably stylish it was pinned, stapled and pinched at the waist as well as the hem.

Here’s when I started to twitch. Badly fitted as well as poor quality clothing is one of my pet hates. They don’t enhance, support or last. Not worth investing time or money.

The moral of this story: Know what suits you and only buy it if it’s a good friend.

The hunt continues.

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