When Is a Bargain Not a Bargain?

As this new season is inspiring you to refresh your wardrobe it's likely that you find a gap or two that needs to be filled with something uplifting and new.

One of the big mistakes you are likely to make is to purchase an 'on trend item' that you have seen in a magazine or on display at your favourite retailer. An item that looks fresh and exciting, something that you can't stop thinking about. The fact that you are still thinking about it the following morning is a good indicator that it could be a good addition, a new 'friend' to add to our existing wardrobe. But, is it a bargain?

There are three points to answer yes to before you can truly call it a bargain.

1. Without using a credit card, can you afford it?

2. Has it got any other items in your current wardrobe to wear it with?

3. Will cost per wear be less than your hourly wage?

The easiest question to answer yes to, is #1 and perhaps #2 is an obvious one too. But cost per wear?

Say that your hourly wage is £50 and you purchase two pairs of jeans. One pair cost you £250 and you wear these until they fall apart, say 120 times. The other pair, which you found in the sale, only cost you £90 and you wore these twice.

So, let's start with the more expensive pair - cost £250, divided by 120 = £2.08 , which means that cost per wear is just over £2.

Now to the cheaper pair (the pair that many will justify as a bargain) - they cost £90, divided by 2 = £45, which is less than your hourly wage, but, are they a true bargain???

I would say no, they are not! Well, you could try and sell them in your local dress agent or online, but, it is worth your hourly wage???

So, how do you know if cost per wear will be low before you even worn something out?

You need to know your style; your colouring; your limitations; what you have in your wardrobe already; and, if you love the new item enough to take it home.

My tip for you, before purchasing anything new, is to do a wardrobe inventory first. Clear things out, take stock, find the gaps as well as 'friends' - give yourself (or your wardrobe stylist) permission to be ruthless with integrity.

The idea is to have a Personalised Boutique Wardrobe (a capsule), where 'friends' can easily be matched to create outfits that's in line with your values and vision. That way, you are more likely to find a true bargain when you see one. Saving you time and money, as well as keeping your authentic brand style intact and polished.

For more information on how you can create a strong personal brands style around your busy life, email me: berith@2b-inspired.com

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