Take Care What You Wear

A cleaning expert once told me that ‘clean has no scent’.

That made me think about nature. What in nature does have scent, what doesn’t, and why???

Here’s the thing; Everything has a scent unless it’s in a sterile environment. So, that’s all things - including flowers, trees, humans, animals, sea and sand..... everything!

Is it bacteria that make these scents (or odours) unique, and if so, what’s their purpose?

I’m not an expert on bacteria or scent, just curious.

Bacteria or no bacteria to blame for our own unique smell, here’s my thinking: 'things' smell to either attract or repel.

So, what’s this got to do with clothes and what we wear?

Clothes made out of organic fibres (based on botanic or animal derived fibres) doesn’t retain odour/scent in the same way as man made. Their natural enzymes work in harmony with nature and has the ability to become part of who we are.

Man made fibres, based predominantly on what the oil industry is producing - polyester, nylon, Lycra, elastase, acrylic, acetate and the like - these dry quickly when washed but doesn’t have a natural enzyme to break down the odours they come in contact with.

In a similar way like skin care products that are made using mineral oil, clothes made using these ingredients will never become united with nature or who we are. They are aliens to our ecosystem.

Ponder the following - clothes marketed for activity, like polar fleece or nylon — what benefit do they have on our body? These fibres will attract dirt more readily and hold on to odours but also pollute the environment when washed. Not to mention stop our skin from breathing normally.

Viscose, also known as Rayon, is man made but composed out of wood pulp. This means that clothes made with this is a better choice for the environment as well as our skin health.

However, assuming that cotton is 100% safe is a delusion. Growing and producing bleached cotton is a health hazard. (As is bamboo)

Sustaining an environment that's friendly to live in must start with us. We must educate ourselves on why and what we wear, and how to care for our personal health as well as where we live. Our choice of clothes will make a difference to how we smell and how we feel, but, being a vegan doesn’t always mean that we care about our fragile ecosystem.


But that’s another topic.

Do let me know if this is close to your heart, and I will share my thoughts on this matter.

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