It's all in the accessorising

I have always had a natural ability to put accessories together, and, to be honest, I love the difference they make to a woman's personal image and confidence.

If a woman doesn't know what suits her, she will struggle finding the appropriate balance to make her come across authentic. She's either putting on too many items or not enough.

By encouraging her, and to give her an understanding what her dominant style is, as well as her colouring and body pattern, she will start breaking out of her comfort zone and become more confident.

Her chosen style has very much to do with where she's most comfortable, and the way colours look great on her will be governed by her skin tone. But, her body pattern will tell her what size and shape her accessories should be. This doesn't mean that someone with a particular body pattern will only suit, say a natural style. No, it has to do with a combination of assets - personality and authenticity combined.

Here are two combinations - the same basic linen dungarees, but different accessories. One is more elegant and the other more casual. It's up to you to decide what style you wish to portray and be remembered for.

For the past couple of months I have been offering a Style Quest to anyone wanting to know what their dominant style is. The majority who's already taken the quest are casual in the way they dress, though most want to become more refined.

Here's my recommendation - accessorise! Learn by playing with different types of necklaces, add some earrings and change your shoes or even add a different hat. Play!!!

If you like to find your authentic style, then start with the Style Quest and decide if that's where you wish to stay. Here's the link: https://2binspired.typeform.com/to/A8ro2J

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