The Beautiful Art of Retail Therapy

What is it that's so satisfying looking through the window at some clothes?

Walking down Oxford Street early last Saturday morning, I was able to marvel at some amazing window displays. My eye got caught on three totally different designs and all three made me smile. Selfridges, Massimo Dutti and Zara. Can you see the common thread?

Bag/s will always have room in my closet and on my arm, no matter what size I am, they will fit me. This window, is one of the 'Radical Luxury' displays at Selfridges. I don't know how many bags are hidden under that chaise.... but I could count to over 25 - so, at least 20 more than I own. You? How many bags do you own and are you hiding any under your chaise?

At Massimo Dutti they are showing off their collection: Jump suits, wide and ultra long trousers, shirt-waister dress, white suit.... colourful bags. I won't analyse anything here but mention the con with wearing a jump suits. They are a pain when visiting the bath room.

As I walked past one of the displays at Zara I noticed that they were mixing different fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. And, they were promoting crochet!

Have you spotted the common thread?

Answer: Pantones colour for 2018 is Ultra Violet, but all I can see is Daffodil yellow.

So, ditch searching for Ultra Violet, go for yellow instead. If it's not your colour, add it as an accessory and embrace the 'Life in Spring'.

Enjoy and be inspired!

P.S. For regular inspiration, where I dissect and analyse various items of clothing, check out How to Dress For Success. And, for more Professional Advice; go to LinkedIn

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