Dress Up Your Brand

Traditionally, and internationally, the corporate world dress down for Friday so I though it an opportunity to come up with an outfit suitable for executive women wanting to do just that.

What I noticed is that the outfit itself isn't dissimilar to what would be the chosen outfit for female entrepreneurs, wanting to dress up.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I want to inspire you to dress your brand.

Making an effort dressing for success, will increase your confidence, and most likely your productivity.

Dressing up, even when working in front of the computer, will make you feel professional and prepared to represent your business to the full.

All I want for you, is to STOP sabotaging your Personal Brand. I want you to acknowledge three pain points; follow five simple steps that will take the stress and confusion out of your every day life, and; move forward with confidence as you dress for success.

This collection will best suit women with light and cool complexion, but I hope you get the feel of what you can do to dress up your brand.

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