Image Makeover

It's almost the anniversary of being featured in a glossy magazine, the 'game changing article' that made me decide to awaken my sleeping giant of image consultancy business.

Looking back, I remember what a wonderful day we had. Beth, the makeup artist, Charlotte my model, Simon the photographer, and I as well as Gin and the Tonic the cats, scurrying around trying to find the best warmth and light on a grey and dull winters day.

Before the shoot, I had created a Boutique Wardrobe out of Charlotte's existing collection. These were clothes that were hers, but she hadn't noticed them because she had too much 'stuff' that needed sorting out.

10 sacks containing clothes, that weren't bringing her out, went to the local charity shop.

The article was very well received, though it later highlighted some unexpected attention to Matt, Charlotte's estranged husband. It was painful at times, seeing the devastating effect one person have on another human being.

Despite this ongoing blip, she enjoys opening up the doors to her wardrobe every day, because she knows who she is, she is being true to herself and she dresses accordingly.

Go Charlotte!

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