Starting Afresh

This time last year I felt compelled to rethink and ponder on if and how I could resuscitate my business. Not the product based business that I have been representing since the recession in 2010, but my image consultancy business.

If you are in business perhaps you experienced the last recession and have your own story to tell? When it happened to me, I went from consulting three to five clients a week and down to 3 clients a month, if I was lucky. That was scary!!!

So what did I do? I put my energy into finding a product that I knew was in line with my values of being safe for the environment and I decided to focus on representing these. I still do.

As the image consultancy business started to fall by the side, I stopped promoting it. It was too exhausting preparing for clients and then having them cancel on me, and often, not turn up at all.

Then, early December 2016, I was approached by a journalist, asking if their glossy magazine could write an article about me, I was surprised and delighted, but I knew that I didn't want to do it the way I used to. I wanted to create an online service, enabling me to impact women beyond my own Cotswold town - beyond borders.

Together with the fabulous Sammy Blindell, the founder of Entrepreneurs Brand Builders Club, we decided on the name and the manifesto "The Confidence C.R.E.A.T.O.R - the worlds most valuable resource for busy women who struggle finding inspiration and confidence getting dressed in the morning."

With a mindset to make it work, I was rewarded with the 'Greatest Personal Development' award in December 2017.

Knowing what to wear and feeling great knowing it will give you confidence and, attract the best people your way, because you are being true to you, is the best feeling! Who can touch you?

I pray that you are filled with inspiration and affirmation, but if you are not, I pray that you will find a way to start afresh today.

Be inspired and Be true to you!

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