Want to put your wardrobe in order? This is the ideal service if you are ready to update your image by replenishing your wardrobe.

When you are attending the complimentary online Style Audit, you have the chance to ask questions and find out if the Shine service, which is based around the skill of taking control of the clothes in your wardrobe, is for you. There is no obligation to continue after this initial session as we will only ask for payment should you wish to proceed to arrange your wardrobe according to your style.


Before we embark on this Wardrobe Taming journey, we need to establish how committed you are and how soon you wish to proceed. This is a joint effort making sure that you learn how to do this independently from me. It's about clearing the clutter, and the best way to do this is to go deeper by checking out if your style is aligned with your vision by checking to see if your clothes represent how you perceive your style to be. It's very likely that there are some gaps that needs filling, so we will create a personalised shopping list according to your request which is the perfect companion when taking on some Savvy Shopping. Applying makeup may or may not be one of your urgent requests, but it's definitely a session that has been greatly received and enjoyed by many women in the past. We add it to the Seasonal Update to ensure a fresh approach to where you currently are aiming to be. Before we finish this module, we will create six outfits to help you stay focused on what suits you best when shopping (no silly mistakes) - these outfits will be added later to your mobile device. 

To find out if you are ready to tame your wardrobe according to your personal brand style, start by booking the Style Audit.

This wardrobe focused service (split in to four sessions) is £900 and includes:

Confidence Calculator

Style Audit

Style Reset

Wardrobe Taming

Makeup Lesson

Seasonal Update

Outfit Creator (for six different occasions)