This is the ideal module if you would like to appoint me as your personal shopper.

After you have taken the Confidence Calculator you will be invited to a complimentary Style Audit. This is your chance to ask questions and find out if this service, which is based around the Savvy Shopping experience, is what you need the most. There is no obligation to continue after this session as I will only ask for payment should you wish to proceed finding new outfits that reflects your personal brand style. 


Before we embark on the 4 hour Savvy Shopping trip, we will focus on what to expect, and the best way to do this is to have a Seasonal Update. Not only will you learn what's in store but also how to shop and what to look for. At the end you will receive one specified outfit created according to your need.

To learn how to shop to suit your personal brand style, start by taking the short Confidence Calculator  assessment followed by booking the Style Audit to suits your personal schedule. 

This two session, shopping focused service, is £600 and includes:

Confidence Calculator

Style Audit

Seasonal Update

Savvy Shopping 

Outfit Creator (for one occasion)


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