The Confidence Creator, a 90 day program, has been designed as a reset button for the professional woman wanting to dress and be remembered as who God intended her to be.

2B-inspired provides a personal image related service for women who's facing change in their professional life. We do this with care and integrity ensuring that her image is reflecting her true values.
This service will suit the time-deficient woman who's willing to learn how to master and maintain her own authentic image, appropriately.
If this is you, then the 90* day program (7 to 9 sessions) will clarify your personal vision and values giving you the appropriate tools knowing what to wear each and every day - wherever you are in the world. 
At the end you will be ready to dress with confidence, knowing where to shop and how to pack for that important business trip as well as maintain and polish your personal image no matter what the occasion - ensuring that your image does not let you down.
*Or 30 days if you really want to move forward as quickly as possible.

The first step: Will clarify how big the gap between now and the future is; highlighting what needs to be done creating this image authentically; and establish what tools are needed to maintain it confidently.

The next step: As soon as you have given yourself permission to invest in your personal brand style, we will work towards making your values and vision represent your self image authentically, highlighting what it will take to dress accordingly and how to make it work beyond tomorrow. (A contract will be dated and signed to ensure that we are committed working on this together.)

The third step: You will learn how to sort through your existing wardrobe - create an understanding why certain colours, textures, patterns and items of clothing work better for you than others. At the end of the 'taming' you will have access to the images of your wardrobe on your mobile device. This will enable you to see as well as share items with us should you need advice on what to wear and pack for an important engagement.

Finally, and this is the aim! To reach a place where you can embrace and sustain your authentic professional image. Standing in this place is empowering! But, we will not leave you there, we will ensure that you 'got it' - That you are ready to independently take control and reflect your authentic identity whatever you are pursuing and wherever you are in the world. 

This comprehensive Confidence Creator program is £1,800** and includes:

Confidence Calculator

Style Audit

Vision and Values

Colour Analysis

Style Assessment

Wardrobe Taming

Capsule Wardrobe

Makeup Lesson

Seasonal Update

Outfit Creator (one outfit for every day of the month)

** payment by instalment is available upon request and subject to contract.