It's Spring! Time to Tame That Wardrobe.

A new season is definitely the best inspiration you need for taking stock of what's already in your wardrobe and what to purchase next, thus allowing you to keep your personal brand style fresh and congruent with the business and lifestyle that you are representing. My spring focused Boutique Wardrobe. Some items are worn in the winter, and become more worn out and tired due to the love I have for them. Cost per wear is a minimum - a true bargain. If you are blessed with space in your home and have two wardrobes then use one for this season's Boutique Wardrobe collection and the other for your hibernating collection (past season). If you are truly blessed and have a walk in closet, then yo

Judging the Book by it's Cover

Many years ago, when my daughter was a teenager, I remember having a conversation with a friend about bringing up girls and their future. We touched on all the popular subjects - boy friends, home work, body awareness and how difficult it is to convince a daughter that she is amazing. At that time, as a family, we were gong through some rough terrain and I suppose I must have poured out my heart in frustration and pain. We were sitting in her big farmhouse kitchen, I remember that clearly, but I can't remember exactly what she said apart from one sentence - 'At least she is beautiful.' It startled me. Yes my daughter is beautiful and she is also incredibly gifted. But, what did my friend

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